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Dog Repeller And Its Importance When you say dog repeller it is simply a dog repellent. This product is highly recommended for those individuals who don’t want to be around with dogs. People are fond of being around with dogs because of their playfulness and loving aura. For the past years there have been numerous cases of people obtaining serious injuries due to dog bites. The people injured will also have to bear pathogenic ailments that is dangerous to one’s health. Pet owners often trained their dogs to be quiet and to behave properly. You can’t really blame stray dogs if they don’t behave similarly with pet dogs since they are expose to an environment wherein they need to fight for their survival. Most of the time stray dogs are the main cause of those reported case of dog bites. When dogs feel threatened they usually do everything to defend themselves which is why you must be careful when you come across with them. People often come across with them, whether they like it or not since there are lots of them around the corner. It is also necessary for people to be cognizant when taking lanes whenever they come home late because they are also prone to dog attacks.
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Adults are not just the one in danger but also children who are fond of dogs. It is not surprising if children are playful and they might unintentionally pull the dogs’ tail or throw things to them. This is one of the reasons why dog bites among children are prevalent.
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If you run into a pack of dogs or a dog it would be best if you will not panic and keep quiet. There are two things that you must not do during the encounter, first to run away from them and second to hurt them by throwing things to them. It is also not a good thing to look them in the eye because this will somehow give them the impression that you are challenging them. Don’t feel superior to them by shouting or yelling at them. You must bear in mind that sniffing is a normal thing for dogs to do hence if they sniff you it doesn’t mean they are going to attack you. For instance they go near you just let them sniff you and just remain still. After they sniffed you, you can now feel at ease because they could either move away from you or become quiet. If you are fearful with the dog heading to your direction then it would be best to carry a dog repeller. Many people avail this type of repellent because they are afraid to be around with those dogs that are barking intensely at them, this is quite normal after all prevention is better than cure. Dog repellent allow people to get rid of dogs presence without harming them.

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